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22 Nov 2019

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Centre of Export Support of the Chuvash Republic

About Centre

logo.small.jpg Center of export support of the Chuvash Republic was founded in 2011 for the purpose of informational and analytical, consulting and organizational support for foreign economic activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to help export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the territory of the Chuvash Republic to enter foreign markets.

Basic goals of the Centre:

1. Assisting the development of export capacity of scientific and industrial companies of the Chuvash Republic.

2. Assisting the internationalization of small and medium-sized businesses of the Chuvash Republic, helping to enter the interregional and international markets.

3. Helping small and medium-sized businesses to develop and promote investment and export supply

4. Assisting external economic cooperation of small and medium-sized businesses taking into account problems of modernization of the economy and its transformation to innovative development.

5. Helping to increase the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, producing and (or) selling goods (works, services) for export, to increase the number of countries being trade partners of the Chuvash Republic.

The export promoting center of the Chuvash Republic offers free translation services.

"Support coordination center for  export-oriented small and medium-sized business entities of the Chuvash Republic" offers the translation services (russian-english) for:

-        enterprises product catalogues

-        companies websites

-        presentations of companies

In order to accomplish a translation, please fill in the application form and send it on our e-mail mail@ved21.ru

In case you have any questions or need additional information, please call at  +7(8352) 62-22-25 or send an e-mail on mail@ved21.ru.

Arrangement of business trips:

- Business trips to anywhere in the world;

- In-house business travels;

- Search for business contacts, arrangement of meetings, negotiations, visits of the foreign companies;

 - Services for flight/ train tickets and hotel booking;

- Transport support (transfer service, car rental, etc.);

- Translation, guides and assistants services;

- Arrangement of events within the framework of trips (conferences, seminars, master classes, etc.), business, industrial and individual tourism.

- Presents itself as a professional operator of MICE programs, communication events for corporate customers and related services.

Services for export-oriented small and medium-sized business entities:

-          Consulting on export issues;

-          Marketing research;

-          Search for potential partners for foreign companies and investors at the request of the Trade Representations of the Russian Federation in other countries;

-          Drafting a business plan for manufacturing activities;

-           Translation of companies information in order to draft export and investment offers in English;

-          Developing and distribution of investment and export offers as well as presentation offers;

-          Preparation of background information and reviews of potential sales markets abroad and assistance in arrangement of market researches together with the trade missions;

-          Preparation and justification of budget estimates;

-          Preparation of a documentary package required for receiving federal and regional financial aid ;

-           Preparation of the list of business events held abroad (exhibitions, fairs, tenders, seminars);

-          Assistance in coordination the products with the requirements which are necessary for export and import of goods (works, services) (standardization, certification, necessary permissions);

-          Carrying out expert examinations of the external- economic projects and transactions;

-          Providing with record keeping of appeals to the Center from small and medium-sized business entities and placement of all the appeals on the web-site including the results of work monitoring on the appeals;

-          Assistance and participating in edition of all the necessary practical guides on external-economic activity for small and medium-sized business entities;

-          Promotion of investment projects at field-specific events : forums, discussions, presentations;

-          Holding seminars, round tables and conferences regarding external-economic activities;

-          Establishing a dialogue between project initiators and potential investors;

-          Arrangement of advanced training courses , specialists and managers training.

-          Preparation of presentations;

-          Edition of brochures, catalogues and printed materials about the export potential of the region and resources of the small business subjects.

-          Consulting services for small business subjects on foreign economic activities;

The Center exercises its authorities in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, other federal executive authorities, the Ministry of Economic Development of Chuvashia, other authorities of the Chuvash Republic, Trade missions of the Russian Federation in the foreign countries and  the organizations of a business community.


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