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20 Mar 2014
Information about Chuvash Republic in several languages

Chuvash Republic.jpg The Chuvash Republic


The Chuvash Republic is located in the European part of Russia, in the Middle Volga. 1243.4 thousand people, including about 40% - in rural areas reside in this relatively small area (18.3 thousand sq. km.) The population density (70.4 people per 1 square kilometer) is one of the highest in Russia. The north is dominated by the ravines and the south by the undulating plains. (More...)

z_6a9bdadd.jpgOfficial Name:

The Chuvash Republic (Chuvashia) 
is one of 83 regions of Russia and a part of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation

Political Structure:

Head of the Republic: President
Legislative Branch: State Council
Executive Branch: Cabinet of Ministers
Judicial Authority: Supreme Court

Territory: 18,3 thousand square km


1250,5 thousand people
Population Density – 68,4 people per square km


Cheboksary, founded in 1469
Population: 465,6 thousand people

Geographic location

russia-chuvash.gif Chuvashia is located in the easten part of the Eastern European Plain, mostly on the right bank of the Volga-River, 650 km away to the east from Moscow.

In the West Chuvashia borders on Nizhny Novgorod, in the North – on the Republic of Mary El, in the East – on the Republic of Tatarstan, in the South – on the Ulyanovsk Region, in the South-West – on the Republic of Mordovia. (More...)

Administrative arrangement

220px-Map_chuvashia.pngThe republic is comprised of 21 municipal districts, 9 cities, 8 towns and about 1700 villages.


Cheboksary (465,6 thousand people); Novocheboksarsk (124,3 thousand people); Kanash (45,6 thousand people);   Alatyr (38,0 thousand people); Shumerlya (31,6 thousand people); Kozlovka (10,3 thousand people); Mariinsky Posad (9,0 thousand people); Tsivilsk (13,4 thousand people); Yadrin (9,5 thousand people)



280637a3ba38b2c3ea4c2dbe03d98e90_495_280_1_0_0.jpg The population of the Chuvash Republic as of January 1, 2011 equals to 1250.5 thousand people, including city and town dwellers - 737.0 thousand people (58,9%), rural population - 513.5 thousand people (41,1%). The population of the Republic reduced by 2.8 thousand people (0.2%). 80,0% of the urban population and 47% of the total population of the Republic are concentrated in the cities of Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk. (More...)


1203323880.jpgChuvashes are one of the most numerous nationalities of Russia. They occupy the 5-th place after Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar and Bashkir people. At present the Chuvashes are the only Turkic nationality of Orthodox beliefs. (More...)


1203324228.jpg At present Chuvashia has 6 professional theatres and over 30 amateur theatres, a Philharmonic Society, an Academic Folk Song and Dance Group, an Academic Choir, a Chamber Orchestra, and some professional concert groups. There are also more than 20 museums, exhibition halls and modern art galleries. (More...)

Nature, climate, resources

1203324029.jpgChuvashia is situated on the Eastern European Plain, in the middle flow of the Volga River.

A large part of the territory (54%) is represented by agricultural land, 80% of it being arable land and the rest is covered by meadows and pastures. The remaining part is covered by forests (33%). 94% of the forests belong to state institutions of forest management and the rest (6%) belong to agricultural organizations and enterprises. The forests mainly play a water-protective and a sanitary role but at the same time they are a very important source of wood. (More...)


1203324137.jpg26 institutions of higher education (6 independent and 20 affiliates) are working in the Republic, 68.2 thousand people study there, including 28.5 thousand full-time students. In 2010, the number of students per 10 thousand population made up 590 people. 3,065 people work full-time in higher education institutions, including 1,582 Candidates and 272 Doctors of Science. (More...)


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