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23 Mar 2019

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280637a3ba38b2c3ea4c2dbe03d98e90_495_280_1_0_0.jpg The population of the Chuvash Republic as of January 1, 2011 equals to 1250.5 thousand people, including city and town dwellers - 737.0 thousand people (58,9%), rural population - 513.5 thousand people (41,1%). The population of the Republic reduced by 2.8 thousand people (0.2%). 80,0% of the urban population and 47% of the total population of the Republic are concentrated in the cities of Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk.

The national structure of the population is characterized by its multinationality. For many years there haven’t been any interethnic conflicts in Chuvashia. Today 95% of the population are Orthodox Christians, 3% – Muslims, 1% – Protestants, 1% – profess other religions.

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Population density of Chuvashia is 68.4 inhabitants per square kilometer. This ratio is one of the highest in Russia.

The percentage of economically active population in 2010 amounted to 687 thousand people (57% of the total population of the Chuvash Republic). In 2010 the annual average number of population working in the economy amounted to 608 thousand people, unemployed – 79 thousand people. 72 thousand people applied to the State Employment service; 49 thousand people have been employed. In total the average annual number of employees in organizations of the Chuvash Republic has a tendency to decrease.

The demographic situation is characterized by the increasing share of economically active population at the age of 25 – 29, 50 – 54. The average age of the active population remains unchanged – 39.5.

Average number of employees in organizations of the republic in January-February 2011 amounted to 371.5 thousand people. The main part of the working population is employed in such industries as: manufacturing – 67.1 thousand people, education - 47.3 thousand people, health and welfare – 38.3 thousand people, civil service – 26.7 thousand people, transport and communications – 17.6 thousand people, trade – 16.5 thousand people. The number of employed in small enterprises as per 1 January 2011 is amounted to 96.3 thousand people, having increased by 4.2% compared to the beginning of previous year.

Aggregate personal income for 2010 totaled 164.4 billion rubles, and increased in comparison with 2009 by 13.9%. Per capita income amounted to 10,726.7 rubles and increased compared to 2009 by 14.1%.

The growth of population net income amounted to 106.4%, net disposable income - 106.1%. Wages is the main source of employees and population income. In 2010 nominal gross average monthly wage per employee amounted to 13,015.1 rubles; it has increased by 12.0%, net - by 4.6% compared to 2009.


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