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23 Mar 2019

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Centre of Export Support of the Chuvash Republic

Chuvash Republic


1203324228.jpg At present Chuvashia has 6 professional theatres and over 30 amateur theatres, a Philharmonic Society, an Academic Folk Song and Dance Group, an Academic Choir, a Chamber Orchestra, and some professional concert groups. There are also more than 20 museums, exhibition halls and modern art galleries.


1203324210.jpg Theatres

Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theatre
Chuvash State Academic Drama Theatre named after K. Ivanov
Chuvash Children`s Theatre
Chuvash State Youth Theatre

Chuvash State Experimental Drama Theatre

Museums and Art Galleries

Art Museum
Museum of Vasily Chapayev
Literature Museum named after K.Ivanov
Museum and Exhibition Center
Culture and Exhibition Center «Raduga»
Beer Museum
Geological Museum
Museum of Cheboksary
Space Museum
Art Gallery
Contemporary Art Center

Art Gallery «6Х7»


Chuvashia has more than 565 public libraries, the book collection being over 10 million units.
The Chuvash National Library

Monuments of Architecture

There are about 627 monuments of architecture in Chuvashia, including 54 of national importance: the Vvedensky Cathedral (1657), the Holy Trinity Monastery (1566), the Salt House, the houses of Chuvash famous merchants (Zeleischikov, Solovtsov, the Efremov family) (XVIII-XIX cent.) in Cheboksary, the Tolmachev family house and Trinity Cathedral (XVIII cent.) in the town of Tsivilsk, the Burashnikov house in the town of Yadrin.


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