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23 Mar 2019

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Chuvash Republic

Nature, climate, resources

1203324029.jpgChuvashia is situated on the Eastern European Plain, in the middle flow of the Volga River.

A large part of the territory (54%) is represented by agricultural land, 80% of it being arable land and the rest is covered by meadows and pastures. The remaining part is covered by forests (33%). 94% of the forests belong to state institutions of forest management and the rest (6%) belong to agricultural organizations and enterprises. The forests mainly play a water-protective and a sanitary role but at the same time they are a very important source of wood.


The main river of the republic is the Volga, its length on the territory of Chuvashia being 127 km. A great number of large and small rivers (2,356) run into the Volga. There are 754 lakes in the republic, about 600 of them are floodplain ones, the rest are basically karst ones, and on the left bank of the Volga-River they are interdune ones.

The climate of the Chuvash Republic is moderately continental with four distinct seasons. The average temperature in summer is +20-22C, in winter -8-10C.


A big gypsum-field has been explored in Chuvashia, it also contains layers of anhydrite and dolomite. The technological tests proved that the gypsum rock fits for the production of gypsum building plaster. After additional processing it’s possible to get high-quality gypsum. The reserves of gypsum amount to 120 mln tons, of anhydrite – 50.9, of dolomite – 12.2 mln tons.

In the south and south-west of the republic there are phosphorite and oil shale fields. Peat is the most widespread combustible mineral, peat bogs being found all over the republic and occuping the territory of 9 thousand hectares.


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