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23 Mar 2019

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1203324137.jpg26 institutions of higher education (6 independent and 20 affiliates) are working in the Republic, 68.2 thousand people study there, including 28.5 thousand full-time students. In 2010, the number of students per 10 thousand population made up 590 people. 3,065 people work full-time in higher education institutions, including 1,582 Candidates and 272 Doctors of Science.

27 secondary vocational education institutions, including 2 structural units of institutions of higher education in other regions, and 5 integrated educational complexes implement programs of primary and secondary vocational education. 20.5 thousand people study there to obtain one of 97 specialties. 1,462 people teach students in institutions of secondary vocational education institutions.


In 17 elementary vocational education schools study 8,142 thousand students to obtain one of 46 types of primary occupation. Moreover, 1.9 thousand students study in 5 secondary vocational education institutions on the basis of elementary vocational education. 851 people educate students in elementary vocational education schools.

123.8 thousand students study in 511 schools. The number of students per 1 teacher makes up 13 (RF-10, PFD-9); the amount of students in one group - 19.6 (RF-18.2, PFD-16.8), including groups of students in rural areas - 15.6 (RF - 12.0, PFD-10.9).


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