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13 Dec 2019

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12 Dec 2014
The rates of subsidies in the directions of the state support

support.jpg Investors are offered the following forms of state support:


29 Sep 2014
Foreign economic activity of Chuvashia

Chuvash Republic.jpg     The research opinion about foreign economic activity of the Chuvash Republic for 2013 (according to preliminary data Chuvash customs post).

     During January-December,2013 in the region of activity of the Chuvash customs post export-import transactions were carried out by 188 senders/recipients of goods. In comparison with the corresponding period of last year the number of senders/recipients of goods decreased by 11%, the number of legal entities decreased by 2,3% and made 169 (year 2012 – 173), the number of individuals decreased twice and made 19 (2012 - 38). (More...)

Macroeconomic Indicators as of II Quarter 2011

iStock_rising-marke-thumb-225x168-2736.jpg Volume of industrial production - 131 billion RUR (114.1% by 2010) Share of industrial sector in the turnover of the Republic - 46.0% Volume of manufacturing production - 79.7 billion RUR (115.9% by 2010) Share of manufacturing in the turnover of the Republic - 34.6% Volume of agricultural production - 26.6 billion RUR (134.9% by 2010) Investment in fixed capital from all sources of funding - 14.68 billion RUR of investments, or 107.5% by the 1st half-year period 2010 Retail sales (January-September 2011) - 69.7 billion RUR, or 106.8% compared to the same period in 2010 Real disposable cash income per population -100.9% Real average wages per employee - 104.6%

Consumer price index - 109.8% (More...)

Industry and Power Engineering


Industrial output: 103 000 bln RUR Index of production volume: 72,6%

1600 large and medium enterprises1000 small enterprises 112 000 employees (25% of employed population) 30% of the Gross Regional Product, about 55% tax funds, over 70% of profit (More...)

Production of Machinery and Equipment, Electrical Engineering

1203324471.jpgThe machine-building complex of the Chuvash Republic is comprised of 4 industries: metallurgical production and production of metalware, production of machinery and equipment, production of electrical, electronic and optical equippment, production of vehicles and transport equipment.

The machine-building complex of the Chuvash Republic is represented by 778 small, medium and large enterprises.



Chemical Industry

1203312488.jpg Chemical industry of the Chuvash Republic is represented with 68 enterprises of chemical production and 99 enterprises manufacturing rubber and plastic goods. Number of people employed in the sphere amounts to 4,867 people.

In 2010 the volume of goods produced by the companies of chemical industry made up 9.2 billion RUR; including the volume of plastic and rubber goods – 1.5 billion RUR. (More...)

Textile Industry

1203405073.jpg58 large and medium enterprises.

Number of employees in the given sphere – 14.4 thousand people.

In 2009 the volume of goods produced by the textile industry made up 3137 mln RUR, which constitutes 3.7% of the total volume of goods produced by the processing industries of the republic.




1203324601.jpgAmount of construction works in 2010 - 18 501.5 mln RUR (108.8% as compared with 2009). 2100 organizations of different forms of ownership. 80% of them are small companies.Number of employees - over 31 thousand persons.The amount of residential houses constructed in 2010 accounts to 874.1 thousand sq. meters.

The share of the dwelling area, constructed by the population at their own expense or with the help of the bank loans, was 66.1% of the total area of the commissioned dwelling. (More...)

Transport and Telecommunications


In 2010 the volume of freightage made by enterprises of all types (except small business companies) made up 5,904.2 thousand tons (86.0% to the volumes in 2009). In 2010 freight by railway amounted to 998,2 thousand tons (126,3% to the volumes in 2009).

Passenger turnover made up 770,0




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