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23 Mar 2019

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29 Sep 2014
Foreign economic activity of Chuvashia

Chuvash Republic.jpg     The research opinion about foreign economic activity of the Chuvash Republic for 2013 (according to preliminary data Chuvash customs post).

     During January-December,2013 in the region of activity of the Chuvash customs post export-import transactions were carried out by 188 senders/recipients of goods. In comparison with the corresponding period of last year the number of senders/recipients of goods decreased by 11%, the number of legal entities decreased by 2,3% and made 169 (year 2012 – 173), the number of individuals decreased twice and made 19 (2012 - 38).

     The foreign trade turnover of the Chuvash Republic made 407,3 million USD, including export – 117,97 million USD (29% of a foreign trade turnover), import – 289,29 million USD (71%). In comparison with the similar period of last year the foreign trade turnover decreased by 60,7 million USD (for 13%), export increased by 9,2 million USD (for 8,6%), and import decreased by 70,08 million USD (for 19,5%). The balance of trade surplus is negative and makes $171,32 million USD (import prevails).

      Trade with foreign countries  provided 76,8% of cost volume of a foreign trade turnover, 39,4% of volume of export and 92% of import.

In comparison with 2012 in trade with foreign countries reduction of volumes of export operations by 24,4% and import operations - for 21,6% was observed. The volume of export and import operations in trade with CIS countries increased respectively by 1,5 times and by 17,5%.

     Leading trade partners of the region when importing are: China (37,6% of the cost volume of import), Germany (11,9%), Italy (10,4%), Ukraine (5,5%), France (4,0%); when exporting are: Ukraine (40,7% of the cost volume of export), Slovakia (8,1%), Uzbekistan (6,3%), Switzerland (5,9%), Moldova (3,9%).

     The ratio of the main groups of goods in commodity structure of export made: production of the chemical industry – 59,6%, machine-building production – 29,7%.

     In comparison with similar period of last year the volume of export of goods of the chemical industry increased by 46,4%. At the same time reduction of cost volumes of export of machine-building production by 29,7% was noted.

     In import distribution of the main groups of goods is following: production of chemical industry – 49%, cars, the equipment and vehicles – 36,5%, metals and products from them – 8,6%.
     In comparison with similar period of last year the volume of import of machine-building production decreased by 45%. At the same time the volume of import of metals and products from them increased by 24,2% and volume of import of chemical production – for 6,2%.

    The main senders of goods were among the following enterprises: JSC Avgust Firm branch, JSC Khimprom, JSC Promtraktor, JSC Dupont Khimprom, JSC Akkond.
    The following enterprises were among the main recipients of goods: JSC Avgust Firm branch, JSC Dupont Khimprom, JSC Elinoks, JSC Khimprom, JSC Akkond.


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