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23 Mar 2019

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Industry and Power Engineering


Industrial output: 103 000 bln RUR
Index of production volume: 72,6%

1600 large and medium enterprises
1000 small enterprises 
112 000 employees (25% of employed population) 
30% of the Gross Regional Product, about 55% tax funds, over 70% of profit

1201785686.jpgMain Industries:

Engineering Industry, Electrical Engineering, Chemical, Textile, Food, Woodwork and Timber, Construction Industries.

The present-day industrial complex of the republic consists of 1600 large and medium-sized enterprises and 1000 small enterprises. The main industrial enterprises are located in Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Kanash, Alatyr, Shumerlya.


1203324449.jpgPower, Gas and Water Production and Distribution

Volume of production: 17 070.6 million rubles
Index of production volume: 92%

Number of employees in the sector: 14 200 people

Main Enterprises:

Cheboksary Hydro Power Station, Corporation
Chuvash Branch of Territorial Generation Company No 5, Corporation
Chuvash Power Distribution Company, Corporation

1203324443.jpgChuvashsetgaz, Corporation

There are 3 heat power plants and one hydraulic power station, generating electric power:

Cheboksary Heat Power Plant No 1 (capacity – 12 MW) and Cheboksary Heat Power Plant No 2 (capacity – 460 MW)
Novocheboksarsk Heat Power Plant No 3 (capacity – 380 MW)

Cheboksary Hydro Power Station (capacity – 1404 MW)


The republic has a wind power plant equipped with two wind turbine generators with the capacity of 107 KW. The total capacity if all the power plants is 2222.2 thousand KW.

Largest enterprises, selling oil products:

Chuvashnefteproduct, Corporation

Chuvash Branch of LUKoil-Volganefteproduct, Corporation

Gas supplying company: Chuvashregiongaz, Ltd


Thermal loads are provided by the following thermoelectric power stations:

Cheboksary Heat Station No 1 (capacity – 251 Gcal/h)
Cheboksary Heat Station No 2 (capacity – 1329 Gcal/h)
Novocheboksarsk Heat Station No 3 (capacity – 1057 Gcal/h)

Alatyr Heat Station (capacity – 43.8 Gcal/h).

The republic has 1630 boiler houses with the total capacity of 4606 Gcal/h that provide with heat the centralized heat supply system as well as buildings with individual heating. 103 organizations are involved into the thermal power market.

In 2008 the republic completed the program of total gas supply.


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