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23 Mar 2019

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Production of Machinery and Equipment, Electrical Engineering

1203324471.jpgThe machine-building complex of the Chuvash Republic is comprised of 4 industries: metallurgical production and production of metalware, production of machinery and equipment, production of electrical, electronic and optical equippment, production of vehicles and transport equipment.

The machine-building complex of the Chuvash Republic is represented by 778 small, medium and large enterprises.



The volume of goods produced by the companies of the machine-buiding complex of the Chuvash Republic in 2009 makes up 34554.2 mln RUR, which constitutes 40.2% of the total volume of goods produced by the processing industries of the republic. This amount includes:

metallurgical production and production of metalware – 7798,4 mln. RUR.;
production of machinery and equipment – 5573.5 mln RUR;
production of electrical, electronic and optical equippment – 15840.5 mln RUR.;

production of vehicles and transport equipment – 9155.2 mln. RUR

The number of people employed in the sphere - 44 615 persons.

1203324526.jpg Metallurgical Production

Index of production volume in 2009: 51.7%.
Number of employees: 12.9 thousand people
Main products:
steel (200 th. tons)
radiators and heating convectors

heating boilers.


Production of Machinery and Equipment

Index of production volume in 2009: 34.6%.
Number of employees: 14.6 thousand people.
Main products:
Construction loaders
Weaver`s looms

Radial flow pumps


Production of Electric Equipment

Index of production volume in 2009: 75.7%.
Number of employees: 17.5 thousand people
Main products:
Power transformers
Cable products
Low-power electromotors
Active energy meters
Testing equipment
Relay devices
Low-voltage and high-voltage equipment
  Telecontrol and energy-saving systems

  Automated systems of energy counting

Production of Vehicles and Transport Equipment

Index of production volume in 2009: 85.8%
Number of employees: 14.6 thousand people
Main products:
Van trucks and transportation tanks
Trailer and semitrailer units
Special trailers for heavy load transportations
Freight mainline cars

Unit components for aircrafts and helicopters

Leading Enterprises and Their Products

Promtractor, JSC
Multipurpose industrial tractors with the capacity of 150-750 horse-power - bulldozers, pipe-layers, earthmoving equipment – for fuel and energy sector, gold-mining industry, oil-and-gas industry, coal and metal mining industries, construction sector and road facilities.

CHETRA - Industrial Machinery, Corporation
Exclusive supplier of tractors, manufactured by Promtractor, Corp.; warranty maintenance during the entire service life of the machines.

CHETRA - Spare Parts and Componentes, LLC
Spare parts and componentry for industrial, road-buiding and agricultural machinery.

Cheboksary Aggregate Works, JSC
Spare parts and componentry for heavy industrial and agricultural tractors.

Promtractor-Promlit, LLC
All kinds of complicated box castings of steel, gray iron and ductile iron up to 6000 kg, valve bodies up to 47", railroad castings, cast parts for tractors and trucks, castings produced by electroslag remelting, sintered powder parts and many more. Cast work-pieces for tractors, railway construction, utilities; carbon-steel and low-alloy steel castings, grey iron and high-duty iron castings.

Promtractor-Vagon, Corporation
Railway car repair, manufacture of rolling-stock (cargo cars), weel repair.

Cheboksary Power System Works, Ltd
Petrol-, diesel-, electric generators, major overhaul and maintenance of engines produced by the Yaroslavl Motor Works and the Cummis plant.

Electronics for aviation, electronic andelectrical products for industrial and household purpose.

Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant, JSC (ChEAZ, JSC)
Relays, signaling devices, variable speed drives.

Electrom, Ltd
Staters and generators for cars, buses, agricultural machinery and ships.

All-Russian Research and Development and Design Institute of Relay Construction, Corporation (VNIIR)
Electrical equipment and network relay protection; integrated electric drives; switchgear; programmable controllers; low-voltage distribution switchboards.

ABB Automation, LLC
Relay protection systems.

ABS Automation, OJSC
Electric actuators, devices for technological-process-automation and monitoring.

ZEiM-Line, JSC
Development and manufacture of automotive electronics, supplied to GAZ, Corp., AVTOVAZ Corp., UAZ Corp., KAMAZ, Corp.

Elektropripbor, JSC
Electromagnetic relays; telephone sets; car sensors.

Ishlei Plant of High-Voltage Equipment, Ltd IZVA,Ltd)
Electrical high-voltage equipment.

Zavod "Chuvashkabel", PJSC
Various cables and wires.

Cheboksary Production Association named after V.I.Chapayev, Federal State Unitary Enterprise
Pyrotechnic production (fireworks, articles for hail protection), industrial rubber articles.

Textilmach, OJSC
Shuttleless looms and spare parts for them.

Tekhnopribor, Corporation
Equipment for the transportation of granular and viscous materials. Storage, transportation and technologic equipment.

Alatyr Plant of Freezer Storage Warehouses, Ltd
Freezer storage warehouses.

Kanash Auto-Aggregate Plant, Corporation
Component parts and units for buses and cars: wheel boss kits, front and back axles, brake drums.

Kanash Plant of Electric Loaders, Corporation
Floor-mounted electric cars, mounted load-handling devices for electric loaders

Kanash Plant "Stroitekhnika", Corporation
Over 500 items of trailers and semitrailers: car carriers, prefab trailers, plates trailers, heavy-duty trailers, wagons, container trucks, haydite trucks, dump trucks.

Delivery Truck Plant, Corporation
Truck box bodies.

Cheboksary Experimental Plant "Energozapchast"
Energy-saving equipment.

Shumerlinsky Works of Specialized Lorries
Purpose-built vehicles.

Marposadkabel, Corporation
Autowire, wire for country and city communication, enamel isolated winding wire with polyurethane varnish; installation wire, enameled wire with copper thread, electric cords.

SKM, Ltd
Safety-belts for automobiles.

Electroavtomat, Corporation
Compact switching and protective electrical equipment, low-voltage electrical equipment, components for cars and water sprinkler irrigators.

Rekon, Corporation
Equipment and auxiliaries for manufacturing lines used in frame-monolithic house construction.

Kanash Plant of Cutting Tools, Corporation
Brazed turning tools for steel and iron components processing, cutting tools for grooves making, tools for metal thread.


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