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23 Mar 2019

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Transport and Telecommunications


In 2010 the volume of freightage made by enterprises of all types (except small business companies) made up 5,904.2 thousand tons (86.0% to the volumes in 2009). In 2010 freight by railway amounted to 998,2 thousand tons (126,3% to the volumes in 2009).

Passenger turnover made up 770,0



Hourly Traffic Schedule

By the river

Road system of the Chuvash Republic



All types of modern wire and wireless communications are available in Chuvashia.

In 2010 turnover of communication organisations amounted to 6632,6 mln. RUR (105.4% to the volumes in 2009).

Mobile broadband Internet access technology 3G, IP-TV was rapidly developed, works are underway to expand the fiber-optic communications network and bring it to villages and households. Mobile phone companies are working to expand broadband Internet access via fixed networks.

In 2010, the total number of mobile phone users exceeded 2 million. The spread of cell communication in the Chuvash Republic by the end of 2010 had increased up to 156%.


Cellular Service Providers

Beeline (Vympelcom Corporation)
MTS (Mobile Tele Systems Corporation)
Megafon (Megafon Corporation)
Smarts (Shupashkar –GSM, Corporation)

Mobile-GSM (Chuvashia Mobile, Corporation)

Main Telephone Companies

VolgaTelecom, Corporation
Internet-Center, Ltd
Infolink, Ltd
MKS, Ltd
Informtechnology Company
Shupashkartrans-K, Ltd


IP Telephone Providers

VolgaTelecom Corporation
Infolink, Ltd

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