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23 Mar 2019

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1203405313.jpgIndex of production in all sectors of agriculture in comparison to 2009 amounted to - 74.2% (in 2009 – 106.6%), including crop production - 44.3%, livestock production - 98.2%.

Main Spheres of Production:

grain production potato growing hop growing beef and dairy livestock breeding and raising, hog production poultry farming

bee keeping (More...)

Food Production

1203405453.jpgThe volume of production in 2009 made up 13.9 bln. RUR. (More...)

Wood Processing Industry

1203405742.jpg 32 large and medium enterprises.Number of employees - 4.2 thousand people

Production volume for the wood-processing and woodworking enterprises in 2009 made 636.2 mln RUR, or 0.7% of the total amount of goods produced by the processing enterprises of the Republic for the similar period.

In pulp-and-paper industry the total production volume made 1288.2 mln. RUR., the share in the aggregate production amount being 1.5%. (More...)

Trade and Service

1208846689.jpgIn 2010 the retail trade turnover made up 81901.6 mln. RUR which includes 41735.1 mln RUR of food products and 40166.5 mln RUR of non-food products.

In 2010 the wholesale trade turnover made up 91293.9 mln. RUR

In the structure of total retail trade turnover the share of food products makes 51%, the share of non-food products - 49%.

Volume of paid services rendered to the public in 2010: 27610.8 mln. RUR. (More...)

Small Business

1203406040.jpgNumber of Companies 7 061 Number of employees 79 160 Number of individual entrepreneurs 39 863 Production Volume USD 70.9 mln Share in the Gross Regional Product 23% Share in Tax Revenues 6%

About 78.3% of all small small business companies and 69.9% of all individual entrepreneurs are concentrated in cities and towns; about 62.9% of small enterprises and 43.9% of individual entrepreneurs are in the city of Cheboksary.

The total amount of specialists employed by small companies makes up 28% of the average number of employed population. (More...)

Foreign Economic Activity

Foreign trade turnover in 2010: USD 274.99 mln.=D0=B2=D1=8D=D0=B4.jpg

Export in 2010: USD 172.7 mln.Import in 2010: USD 102.29 mln (37% of the foreign trade turnover).

The export surplus in 2010 made up USD 70.41 mln., export operations prevailing.

The Chuvash Republic maintains commercial and economic relations with almost 70 countries of the world. (More...)


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