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22 Nov 2019

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8 Apr 2015
European Team Championships 2015: Cheboksary is getting ready!

6962-1.jpeg       In the beginning of April, Cheboksary hosted a commission responsible for the European Team Championships 2015 organization. Arnd Heiken, the event presentation consultant, represented the European Athletics, while the All-Russia Athletics Federation was represented by the General Secretary and Cheboksary 2015 CEO Mikhail Butov and the event coordinator Aleksand Porkhomovsky.
     After the working meeting, Butov revealed the specifics of the preparation process in an interview for the “Grani” newspaper.
- For now, everything is going according to plan. Our stadium renovation schedule works well. In May, we will begin testing the facility and technical services. In the beginning of June, the stadium will host the Russian Combined Events Championships and the Russian 10,000m Championships. We will test our officials and volunteers at these events.
About the European Team Championships
I think, the most exciting thing about this competition is that it has something that athletics normally lacks: the game element, excitement that team sports have. Biathlon was able to achieve it, as well: all along, something is happening, changing, from one shooting range to another. So the fans are engaged, involved. At the European Team Championships, fans will see the team positions on the big screens live, changing throughout the competition.
About Russia’s main rival
For many years, the main rivalry is Russia vs. Germany. Last year, Germany was hosting this event and they won the title. Of course, we want to gain a revenge. It would be exciting for the fans, too.
About Team Russia
The main selection will take place at the Russian Team Championships in the end of May, as well as at the Pechenkina Cup in the beginning of June in Moscow Oblast. Of course, the indoor marks will also count.
About Chuvashia’s athletes
The pole vaulter Anzhelika Sidorova is almost certainly on the team. Other athletes from the region have chances to be selected, as well.
About the European Indoor Championships Prague 2015
It is a big success for Russia that we have to appreciate. Many young athletes won medals, it’s the new generation that will lead the team at the Rio Olympics. If not in track, then in field events for sure.
About the sports festival and athletics promotion
To create a festive atmosphere, we’ll hold the opening ceremony outside of the stadium – at the Red Square. We’ll also host a 5K race there. We’ll have many contests and expo stands dedicated to sports for kids and teens. We’ll try to showcase two types of athletics – the professional one at the stadium and the one for health and well-being in the center of the city. Ticket sales have already started and I’m content with the progress. If you want to be at the stadium, you should take care of your tickets now.
About confidence in Chuvashia
Getting the right to host major tournaments takes a lot of work. People in Chuvashia work hard and they get a credit for that.

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