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23 Mar 2019

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Investment climate

investitsionnyy-klimat-rossii.jpgInvestment policy aims at attracting capital assets in the volumes, ensuring stable, balanced and dynamic development of the region on the basis of the leading economic sectors. A stable economic growth of the republic, real income growth of the citizens, measures taken to attract investments to the economy of the republic and increase of budgetary allocations contribute to securing positive dynamics of economy.

In 2009 the investment volume exceeded 41,5 bln RUR, and made up 85,8% of 2008 volume. The total volume of investments included those made by organizations which do not refer to the small business entity (19,3 bln RUR or 46,4%). In the composition of fixed capital investment according to the sources of financing the principal share of investment is made by enterprises` own means (35,5%) and budget funds (35,0%) (see the diagram).

Capital investment according to the sources of financing in 2009, %


37,0% of the total volume of investments (15369,0 mln RUR) were directed to the construction, expanding, remodeling and technical renovation of residential houses, 41,4% (17230,0 mln RUR) – to the construction, expanding, remodeling and technical renovation of production buildings and constructions, 19,1% (7956,9 mln RUR) - to purchase of machinery, equipment, vehicles, and 2,4% - to other expenses (1015,7 mln RUR).

In 2009 the Chuvash Republic participated in realization of 13 federal target programs and received 1329,67 mln RUR of federal budget allocations to finance them.

In 2009 organizations of the republic received foreign investment in the amount of 46 245,5 thousand USD. The mentioned investments came from Cyprus (99% of all the cumulated investments), the UK (0,8 %), Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Ukraine, Australia, Azerbaidzan, Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Foreign investments were primarily invested in the main assets, and used to procure raw materials and equipment components. In 2009 more the Chuvash Republic implemented over 300 investment projects with the overall value of over 133 bln RUR, including 20 strategic projects, implementation of which was realized by means of both own and attracted funds.


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