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23 Mar 2019

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Strengths and weaknesses

batch001-207.jpgMajor strengths and weaknesses of the Chuvash Republic.

Strong Aspects of the Region:

One of the most politically stable regions of Russia, characterized by a high loyalty of the population to the President and the republic`s Government, as well as by high quality of administration management.

Favorable geographic location in the center of the European part of Russia, strategic position of most important rail, water and highways juncture.

Low level of accumulated debt, good credit history, adequate debt strategy, high diversification of the republican budget incomes.

Stable economic growth during recent years.

Considerable amount of capital assets, accumulated in the industrial and construction spheres (over 30 billon rubles), availability of industrial centers with developed industrial infrastructure.

Created foundation for the growth of the gross regional product and taxable capacity, for the mastering of competitive type of production.

Qualified and relatively low-cost labour.

The agricultural complex is capable of supplying the republic with all main food products, the republic is the main hop-growing region of Russia (80% of the gross hop yield of Russia).

Policy of information openness, accelerated development of the republican information analysis system.

Favorable environmental conditions for recreation and health support of the inhabitants and guests of the Republic (unique recreation recourses availability), stable ecological situation.

Weak Aspects of the Region:

Dependence upon state subsidies, low fiscal capacity.

High level of poverty and material segregation of the population.

Limited raw material resources of the Republic, lack of strategic mineral resources.

Considerable depreciation of capital stock in the main industries.

Insufficient development of scientific and innovation basis.

Depreciation of ingineering infrastructure.

Imperfection of “investment-conducting” structures.

Considerable differences in social and economical development of districts, cities of the Republic, necessity of high infrastructural expenses.


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