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21 Mar 2018

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3 Feb 2015
ROMANA Company for the third time took part in the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair 2015, held in Nuremberg, Germany

Romana (2).jpg    Recreation and Sports Equipment Plant, CJSC ROMANA ( has been producing and selling sports and playing equipment since 1999, successfully making deliveries both in Russia and around the world. (More...)

12 Jan 2015
Export offers of Chuvashia 2014 for foreign partners

u7gqTsPT4qs.jpg The average salary of workers in the Chuvash Republic is comparatively low, which allows manufacturing products of low self-cost; the cost of industrial sites is not very high, the location of the Republic is rather favourable in logistical terms; raw materials are easily accessible. The Republic provides highly-qualified personnel in such industries as mechanical engineering, construction and construction materials, electrical engineering. (More...)

12 Dec 2014
The most competitive goods of the Chuvash Republic for export

Chuvash products.jpg Chuvash Republic in 2014 exports in Ukraine (33,4% of the value of exports), Azerbaijan (8,3%), Uzbekistan (7,1%), Moldova (5,9%), United States(4.8 per cent). (More...)

10 Dec 2014
The Company “Zodchij” is the largest producer of veneer end doors, stairs, interior doors in the Volga region


  At the new stage of its development the Company “Dveri Zodchij” ( is glad to present to the customers a dream-come-true for those who buy doors – a ready-made solution to decorate every doorway in an apartment in the unified style. (More...)

10 Dec 2014
Export offers of Chuvashia 2014 for Spanish speaking partners

Chuvashia.jpg We offer to your attention catalogs of goods for export of the Chuvash Republic, сatalog of investment projects of the Chuvash Republic, catalog of crushing and screening equipment and a catalog of special machinery for export in Spanish version. (More...)

8 Dec 2014
LLC Elcon company is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of organic-silicon paint-and-lacquer materials in Russia

Elcon.jpg   Elcon LLC ( was founded in 1998. The best Russian and imported raw materials are used for production of products offered by Elcon LLC. (More...)

28 Oct 2014
The company "Galen" was included in the rating of the most advanced and fastest growing companies in Russia


The innovational offer of the ‘Galen” company is the nanostructured products. The effect of application of nanotechnologies lays in improvement of the construction material properties: basalt fiber reinforced polymer, fiber glass plastic and carbon composite material. The addition of nanoparticles to the polymer allows creation of a much more solid and durable product which has improved physical and chemical properties. 

Taking part in the competition "Tekhuspekh 2014",  Cheboksary enterprise  has entered in TOP-50 of the most innovative and fast-growing Russian companies, and also in TOP-80 of the main rating "Tekhuspekh".

Since 2012  Russia held annually "Techuspech" aimed at the detection of fast-growing Russian companies working in the sphere of high technologies. (More...)

21 Oct 2014
Our Republic is open for cooperation!

Invest in Chuvashia.jpg   The Chuvash Republic is one of the fastest growing regions of the Volga region with modern economy, unique nature and original culture. The results of the successful development of public-private partnership are significant improvements in heath, culture and sport industries, improvement of the quality of life and social well-being of the citizens of the Republic.  (More...)

6 Aug 2014
Enterprises of the Chuvash Republic will participate in the International Construction Exhibition in Azerbaijan, Baku 22-25 of October, 2014

BakuBuild.jpg   We would like to invite enterprises to participate in the International Construction Exhibition, which will take place in Azerbaijan, Baku 22-25 of October, 2014. The 20th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition BakuBuild 2014 will be hold 22-25 of October in Baku Expo Center. (More...)

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